Even the name of Bhutan is enigmatic. It means Land of the Thunder Dragon.



Bhutan is magical, you will feel it the minute you fly over the Himalayas for the first time.



Our experience in Bhutan means we know how to make your trip memorable.

Tiger's Nest, Bhutan
Bhutan is an exotic and beautiful country, with a fascinating culture. One of the highlights of my trip was the opportunity to visit a "tshechu", a colourful and dramatic event where Buddhist monks don costumes and masks in order to enact instructive stories from the Buddhist canon. This is an event that has the whole community turn out in their very finest traditional attire, and it is not only a unique cultural experience, but an altogether unforgettable spectacle.

Anne, Regent, Victoria


There is no place on earth like Bhutan

It is remote, beautiful and unique. Everyone who travels to this tiny Himalayan kingdom falls in love – with the sheer beauty of the place but most of all with the Bhutanese people, who are kind, friendly and have a great sense of humour. There is a peacefulness here that isn’t found anywhere else and you’ll find yourself unwinding as you absorb the local vibe. Bhutan offers travellers an unparalleled experience: exhilarating walking in a pristine natural environment and a vibrant and thriving ancient culture.

  • Gross National Happiness
  • High-Value, Low-Impact

Discover Gross National Happiness for yourself. More than just a slogan, GNH is a whole way of living in Bhutan.

Bhutan’s philosophy for tourism is “High-Value, Low-Impact”. The government has carefully opened the country to visitors while avoiding mass tourism. This means you won’t find cultural sights being ‘over-loved’ and trekking routes are not degraded and overused.



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